weekly simple eco tip, 10.10

I can be known to peruse Pinterest from time to time, and recently I saw a pin for mason jar salads. I love the idea, and I love salad, so I thought about how I could make them for my own lunches, but I had one problem. I don't have any mason jars. And I did not particularly want to buy mason jars just to put salad in them.

 Image: The Kitchn

But then I noticed a comment that made the CFL lightbulb go off in my head.

Use recycled pasta sauce or pickle jars as food containers!

I almost regretted not thinking of the solution myself. Pasta is my go-to easy dinner, and I always end up putting the jars in the recycling bin. But why not just clean and store them for reuse? I know a good amount of the ones I use would be a great size to put salad in for lunch.

But even if you aren't a "salad in a pasta sauce jar" kind of person, you can still use the jars for storing leftovers. Throw that leftover pasta and sauce back in the jar and into the fridge. (Okay, maybe not actually throw it in the fridge, but you get the point...) Or use them to hold snacks, since the glass is clear. Or you could be wonderfully Southern and use them as drinkware.

These jars are begging to be reused multiple times. Who are you to do deny them of a recycled life?

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