weekly eco-cajun tip, 10.31

Around your office, you probably go through a lot of toner cartridges. And you might throw them out when it's time to replace them - but you don't have to!

Many major toner supply companies offer a return recycling program, including Xerox and Brother. Offer to head up a toner recycling program! Request that all empty cartridges go to you, and use the supplied materials in the box, then ship them back to the manufacturers! Shipping is usually provided by the companies.

Or, you can have a part in helping two groups out at once. Many elementary, middle and high schools will accept empty toner cartridges, as they can raise money from the collection and recycling of the cartridges. Find a school near you, or if you're still near, find out if your alma mater collects the cartridges. For the past few years, I've made semi-regular trips to my high school to donate boxes of empty toner cartridges. In fact, there's a box at my desk that's been waiting most of this year to be donated for recycling and fundraising.

Recycling toner cartridges really can cost you nothing but a few extra minutes sometimes. And can earn you a few warm fuzzies inside, because recycling just feels good!

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