today's link roundup

I recently read about the Carteret islanders, whose lives are all disrupted due to global warming. They are being relocated to another group of islands, but they are essentially losing a lot of their culture due to the effects of the climate change. There is a documentary being made about them called Sun Come Up, but the filmmakers are having a tough time finishing, due to funding.

Some pizza boxes have been tweaked just slightly to become a lot more green. They are being made of recycled material and are scored in order to create plates and a storage container, making them completely multi-purposed.

A McDonald's in Cary, North Carolina, will be the first of the chain to have an electric vehicle charging station. The restaurant is also LEED-certified. It's great to see elements like solartubes and renewable materials being used for such a cookie-cutter store, especially one that creates so much waste.

A Danish music festival has gone green. It happened the first weekend of July, six months before the UN climate conference in Copenhagen. Elements included bikes that charge iPods and cell phones, LED lighting at campsites, a wind turbine and carbon offsets.

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