one of my favorite places

Part of the success of my transition to organic beauty products is due to a store in town, Drug Emporium. It's been around for ages and has one of the best selections of organic products that I know of. I believe it's also locally owned, which benefits our economy.
While it's only the back corner of the store, there are about six aisle that contain organic/vegan food (fresh and frozen), drinks, beauty products, cleaning products and (maybe not all organic) vitamins.
I always think of Drug Emporium first when I'm looking for something organic, knowing they are my best shot at finding what I need. It was there when I made the switch to organic shampoo and conditioner about nine months ago (which I am very happy with and can't go back to conventional.)
I think the sad thing is I never actually noticed the fruit stand before I was sneaking around taking pictures the last time I was there.

Stop by this Lafayette staple whenever you need, or just want to browse, organic products.

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