organic milk

Horizon Milk is probably the most popular organic brand on the market and will now be selling "natural" milk, which really means nothing, except that it's not organic. The company producing the natural milk will sell it cheaper than organic milk, essentially undercutting its original product.

Horizon has been the only brand of milk I've gotten in the past few months, because of its availability and it being organic. I am not sure if they will stop producing organic milk, but either way I will be more attentive when I'm at the store. I know there are other, not as popular, organic brands, but it won't take much to switch if Horizon does get out of the organic business.


donny* said...

i would imagine your organic line is safe and the introduction of natural milk is just a plan to increase sales. organic milk, after all, is an acquired taste.

Anonymous said...

True... but I don't think it's much of an acquired taste, if you like milk in the first place. It's probably just a plan to have a cheaper product that people are more willing to buy.

Now soy milk is an acquired taste. :)

Unknown said...

You should try the Smith Creamery milk they sell at Fresh Pickin's. It's made in Louisiana, all natural, hormone free, and non-homogenized. It's the real stuff.

-Clay, Space Riot Press from Flickr

Anonymous said...

Hey Clay, and thanks! I have been needing to go to Fresh Pickins for awhile, I will be sure to pick up some of that milk.

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