Photo Friday | National Secondhand Wardrobe Day

Break out your favorite vintage or thrifted outfit tomorrow and celebrate National Secondhand Wardrobe Day in eco-friendly style!

Ever since I committed at the beginning of 2017 to primarily shop secondhand or sustainable, I can count the number of "fast fashion" pieces I've purchased on one hand. I'm still not perfect, although it has majorly helped in curbing impulse buys!

This year, secondhand shopping has been my lifesaver when it comes to maternity clothing, as I detailed in my maternity style post from May. 95% of my maternity, or at least bump-friendly, pieces have been secondhand purchases.

My polka dot top and black flats from ThredUp. The top is non-maternity and one size up from my regular size. The maternity jeans are from Clothes Mentor and while they're really not my favorite, they're at least stretchy skinny jeans and they fit.

Over the past couple months, I've actually gone on a clothing purchase hiatus and simply rotated the fewer and fewer pieces of clothing that still fit. I've decided that a capsule wardrobe is not for me, because it's driving me crazy to wear the same few outfits every week. But, there's definitely no reason to go out and buy anything else at this point, especially when I don't know what will even fit after the baby arrives.

Funny enough, I sit here typing this post wearing the exact same maternity dress in the above photo. It's from Clothes Mentor and this whole outfit cost me about $30 total. This dress is one of my saving graces, as it's stayed length-appropriate while I've grown, and is simply extremely comfortable. However, black in the summer is not the most fun choice! Sometimes, secondhand options may limit you a little, like how I didn't have a color option in this dress, but it's still worth the purchase overall.

What is your favorite piece of secondhand clothing? Share a picture on social media and promote the sustainability of thrifting!

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