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If school isn't already back in session where you live, it's sure to be soon. I've still got a few more years until I need to worry about school supplies again, but I do know that when it comes time, I'll be looking for eco-friendly options—especially ones that work within my budget.

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When shopping for looseleaf, notebooks or computer paper, choose recycled! Recycled notebooks and reams of computer paper are easy to find, and they help to close the loop of why we recycle paper in the first place.

Look for other supplies made with recycled materials as well: binders made with recycled plastic, index cards or pocket folders made of recycled or sustainably sourced paper, pencils and ink pens made with recycled paper or plastic. These highlighters at EarthHero* are made with recycled plastic bottles!

You can now find backpacks made of recycled plastic bottles or other recycled textiles. They may be available in more specialty or locally owned shops, but are definitely available online. Prices vary, depending on the backpack. Recycled backpacks are as strong as regular backpacks as well. The pink one pictured above is from Parkland and is made of 100% recycled polyester. EarthHero carries a United By Blue backpack* made with Repreve recycled polyester as well.

If your child is allowed to bring a lunch to school, do it the green way! Skip the paper bags in favor of insulated reusable lunch bags, stainless steel cases or bento box-type kits, put drinks in a reusable mug instead of single-use juice boxes, and place sandwiches and snacks in reusable bags. This U Konserve lunch kit at EarthHero* comes with a lunch tote, ice pack, bamboo utensils and metal food tray!

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It's so easy to go green in college these days. From the supplies to on-campus transportation to dorm room decor, there are tons of options.  The Ultimate Green Store has a lot of items to cover your dorm room or off-campus apartment style, from bedding to furniture, cleaning supplies and bath supplies.

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Many campuses also have recycling programs in place. During UL Lafayette's dorm room move-in weekend this past weekend, the Office of Sustainability reminded students to recycle cardboard moving boxes and separate recyclable items.

Fellow green blogger Jessie with Tiny Yellow Bungalow recently shared some tips for being more zero-waste on campus. My favorite tip that she shares is to simply minimize the stuff you bring or buy. Especially when you live in a small dorm room with limited space, you don't want to feel overcrowded with things you think you need, but won't actually use.

Shopping secondhand is another great tip from Jessie - it works well for a college student budget and you can find amazing clothes and other items.

Check out the rest of her list here.


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