Photo Friday | Zero-Waste Cravings

I've been diligent about my health and nutrition throughout my pregnancy so far, but I can't lie - I still give in to my cravings.

And while I don't miss wine or frozen margaritas all that much (shocking, I know!) I have found myself craving a cold refreshing drink sometimes. As I've decreased my sugar intake over the last year or so, snoballs are just entirely too syrupy sweet for me now.

However, ironically, I've been crazing a good old frozen Coke as the temperatures have skyrocketed.

This week as one of my cravings hit, I realized I would feel better by going the zero-waste route, instead of walking out of the store with a single-use plastic cup (even if it is recyclable). I brought a widemouth stainless steel tumbler and my widest stainless steel straw, the one perfect for smoothies and frozen treats.

I was able to easily fill up my tumbler, and when I checked out, I told the cashier how many ounces the tumbler holds, so she would quickly be able to ring up the equivalent size. One thing about bringing your own containers is getting looks of confusion from cashiers at gas stations, grocery stores or wherever. But if you make it as easy as possible for them to ring something up, and be confident, you shouldn't run into many issues.

And let me tell you: on a hot, sunny day, that frozen Coke absolutely hit the spot. I had forgotten about the other bonus of bringing my own reusables: the drink stayed frozen longer than it would have in plastic! The insulated tumbler works wonders, and the straw keeps the drink cold all the way through.

My zero-waste journey is absolutely not perfect, but swaps like these certainly make a difference.

And now, I shall go back to drinking my 80 daily ounces of water from my giant reusable Ragin Cajuns football cup...

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