Photo Friday | The Plogging Trend

I almost hate even calling plogging a "trend", but it has a catchy name now, so I suppose it is officially a trend.

If you're unfamiliar, plogging is a Swedish term that describes picking up litter while jogging. Simple, right?

Plogging is an awesome way to:
  1. Get outside
  2. Get some exercise
  3. Clean up your community
  4. Share pictures with others and inspire them to do the same

Picking up litter while jogging or being out and about is not a new thing by any means, but it's awesome to see more attention called to the practice. One January morning last year, I went on a walk/jog around my neighborhood and came across a littered plastic bag. I decided to pick up the bag, then noticed more pieces of litter further along. I ended up jogging for about 40 minutes and filled the plastic bag full of trash.

So, I guess I could say that I've participated in plogging!

If you're not a jogger, you're still more than able to participate in the litter cleanup/exercise combination. With it being National Bike Month, why not go for a bike ride and pick up litter along your path? Not sure if the term "pliking" will become a thing, but the spirit is there!

I promise y'all that my neighborhood is not really a trash pit, but one day last summer, I came across another plastic bag while on a bike ride, and picked it up to bring home and dispose of properly. I've picked up soft drink and beer cans as well, although I'm not usually prepared with something to put them in.

If you're going to go pliking (...nope... can't make this one happen), be sure to have a bike basket or some kind of bag with you.

And of course, if you go plogging, it's completely acceptable to Instagram your litter finds and tag them with #plogging.

So, combine your outdoor exercise this weekend with a little litter cleanup and help the environment! (After you've taken a nap from getting up early to watch the Royal Wedding, OF COURSE.)

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