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On Tuesday, I shared my Christmas Gift Guide for Her, and today, it's all about the dudes in your life!

I feel like I don't focus enough on guys' products on the blog, but next year, I plan to include more all year long. This guide was pretty fun to put together!

So without further ado, click through to find some eco-friendly gifts for guys.

As in the ladies' gift guide, the products pictured are examples for different kinds of gifts, but they may serve as inspiration for you to do some browsing on your own.

Some of the brands I'm sharing are ones I've shopped from before, but most of these I've simply found through researching and other eco style blogs.


Let's kick off with the underwear, shall we? I discovered the brand Mr. Davis through a contest I won over at Bev Cooks. Their undershirts and boxers are made of sustainable bamboo fabric. Y'all - my husband loves his undershirts and boxers, and has decided bamboo is the only fabric he wants to wear these days. (Link to undershirt and link to boxers.)

Let's go ahead and consider slippers as part of the clothing section, okay? :) Acorn is a brand I haven't yet shopped from but I keep eyeing as I look for eco-friendly slippers for myself. These mens slippers look extremely comfortable! The Maine-based company clearly outlines its commitment to sustainability in the materials they use, the way they ship packages, in their actual office, and in their community.

More clothing brands to peruse:


These guys accessories are so much fun! If the guy in your life loves a good pair of sunglasses, check out brands who incorporate sustainable or recycled materials. The sunglasses in the guide are made with ocean and beach plastic that has been recycled - hence the brand name Sea2See! Some sustainable sunglasses are made with wood - simply choose your style.

Cork leather is a great durable and vegan alternative to leather, and UK-based Friluk makes wallets and money clips for both men and women. Earlier this year, I upgraded my wallet to one of Friluk's zip clutches, and I absolutely love it. The cork material has held up well to the beating it takes in my purse everyday, and I love that everything is securely zipped inside. As an added bonus, all of Friluk's wallets have RFID-blocking technology - an important feature in today's world.

WeWood is one sustainable watch brand that makes both mens and womens watches. As I was doing my research, I came across their Apple Watch band and just had to include it in the guide, along with a standard watch. My friend Donny testifies that he loves his WeWood watch, and praised their customer service. Additionally, WeWood plants a tree for every purchase. Win for your guy, win for the planet.

More brands to peruse:


Whether for business or for adventure, a good bag is always a smart item to have available. United By Blue is a Philadelphia-based outdoor brand that pledges to clean up a pound of trash from the ocean or a waterway for every item they sell. They're committed to using recycled and sustainable fabrics in their products. The day pack in the guide is made with recycled polyester.

Give your guy a streamlined, professional leather bag for work, and help empower women in Uganda by shopping with Sseko for Men. (Both are affiliate links.)

More brands to peruse:


If you've got a techie in your life, there are great eco-friendly alternatives that make great gifts. Carved is an American brand that makes cell phone cases out of sustainable wood, and sometimes recycled materials like skateboard wood. I've had a Carved case for about a year now and it has held up extremely well to beatings and being dropped. Even with wet or sweaty hands, the wood hasn't faded. The few scratches I have barely show.

They make cases to fit most of the major phones, including iPhone X. Find the bicycle case shown in the guide here. They also make wooden power banks for that extra boost when you're out and about. Browse Carved and get 10% off your purchase (affiliate link).

My husband is one guy who appreciates a good flashlight. It may not be my favorite idea of a gift to give, but for an outdoorsy person, a good flashlight can be something great to unwrap. Rechargeable LED flashlights are extra durable and don't have as much battery waste (just be sure to properly dispose of the battery once the flashlight is dead.) The flashlight in the guide is found at REI.

My Schwinn bike headlight is a detachable flashlight and it's amazing - my husband and I use our Schwinn lights for much more than just biking at night. (Most recently, I used mine as we hiked the Lanikai Pill Box trail pre-dawn so we could catch the sunrise.)


You know I can't have a gift guide without a reusable bottle, right? Instead of sharing a regular reusable bottle, today I'll share Klean Kanteen's growler set. I'm loyal to my regular Klean Kanteens, and I'm loving my little stainless steel cup similar to the ones in the guide. However, I haven't tried out the growler for myself (although I bet it would be fantastic as well for wine.) Take these reusable growlers to your favorite brewery and keep your beer extra cold for hours.

Happy shopping, y'all! On Monday, I'll have my final gift guide, focusing on the kids in your life.

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