Photo Friday | Small Efforts

Last week, we went to an annual potluck gathering thrown by a group of our friends. It's an evening we always look forward to, because it always guarantees a lot of delicious food.

This time, I thought harder about being eco-friendly when it came to our supplies. Paper plates and plastic cups are always provided (I can't recall seeing any styrofoam plates or cups for the past few events), but I remembered that I had a few of plant-based plates in our cabinet, so I packed a few for Phillip and myself. These World Centric plates are made from wheat straw, a leftover agricultural fiber and an annually renewable resource.

I grabbed some of my stash of Susty Party compostable forks and knives, and brought two cloth napkins, so we wouldn't have to use paper ones.

The drinks we brought were in cans, so we brought them all home for recycling.

I brought my dish in one of the ceramic casserole dishes we received as a wedding gift, so it was nice to put it to good use!

The food was amazing, and we were stuffed as usual. I left feeling good that even though I used disposable items, I used ones that are more responsible and eco-friendly. It's a small effort, but it's a positive effort!

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