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Last week, we got to make a visit to Tee Tiny Houses in Arnaudville, Louisiana. The brand new company is Louisiana's first tiny home manufacturer, and they're hard at work on building their first model homes.

I've written about tiny homes on the blog before, and about how inevitably, tiny homes are closely linked with environmentalism. By living in a very small space, you are forced to utilize every inch. Everything must have a purpose and significance, and if you don't use something, you don't let it take up valuable space.

Many tiny homes are built and furnished with salvaged, repurposed or sustainable materials. A smaller footprint automatically means smaller utility bills. What's not to love about that!? You can even go off the grid with solar panels on the roof.

Phillip and I are fascinated with tiny homes, but whether we could realistically live in one is another story! Nonetheless, getting to visit a tiny home under construction in person was a pretty fascinating morning. Standing inside this home was really interesting, from seeing where the kitchen will be and how roomy the bathroom is, to learning about all of the unique storage tactics.

Tee Tiny Houses will be holding a grand opening later this year, once this model home nears completion, and I'm looking forward to following the construction process and seeing a furnished home!

What would be the one thing your tiny home would HAVE to have?

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