My Living Room Home Tour

While I feel like I honestly haven't been doing very many "green" things in my own life, especially ones worth talking about, I realized that maybe I can take a step back. My husband and I spent most of this past Sunday cleaning around the house and tackling a lot of different chores we've been needing to.

At the end of the day, I snapped a few photos of our living room looking clean and cozy, and I realized how eco-friendly the room actually is.

So, I'll give you a tour of our fairly small, yet incredibly cozy living room!


Our leather couch is one Phillip has had for years, and originally comes from his cousin. The microfiber recliner couch and chair in the corner are newer, but are secondhand from a friend.

We recently rearranged our furniture to accommodate the two couches, and our original (secondhand) coffee table was just too big for the space. So, my husband got the idea to use this extra table we have as a coffee table. I joke that this table is fourth-hand at this point. Probably 20 or so years ago, my mom picked it up at a garage sale and used it in her classroom. When she retired, the table was in storage at my parents' house, and when I moved into my own apartment, I took it and painted it. When I moved in with Phillip, I brought the table with me, and it always just sat in a corner with no real purpose. So far it's working out well as our smaller coffee table.

I'm not sure of the full history of the side table by our chair, but I'm pretty certain it's secondhand. Either way, Phillip has had it for years.

The side tables flanking the couch are secondhand from a relative.

Our TV stand is secondhand from a relative who had an extra one she didn't need.

I'd like to imagine that I'm put together well enough to use a home office for blogging purposes, but let's be real. I never used our office to write. Now that we've rearranged, that chair is quickly becoming my office. I'm sitting in it right now! Plus, the WiFi is a little stronger from here. :D


All of the lamps, except a floor lamp (which didn't make it into any of the photos), were handed down to us from relatives.

We recently upgraded all of our lighting in the living room from CFL bulbs to LED bulbs. We gained some brightness by going for more lumens, and we made the color temperature consistent by going for all daylight bulbs. It helps to neutralize the warm tones throughout the house. It's light, it's bright, and it'll cost less on our utility bills!

Y'all, this is what life is like in your 30s. You get excited over switching your light bulbs from CFL to LED. And you spend your weekends at Home Depot buying all the LED lights.


I love decor that has a natural element to it, whether it's made with sustainable materials, recycled, secondhand or brings in nature in some way. Our house definitely lends itself well to pulling in the natural elements!

My favorite items in the living room are the ones from our wedding. Instead of a guestbook, we had a wooden piece with our initial in string art that all of our guests signed. The eucalyptus was part of my bike basket's arrangement.

I've got an assortment of Eco Flowers in vases throughout the room. I took apart two bouquets I had in order to make the arrangements, which are more unique than fake flowers from craft stores. I love the small red vase in the corner because the vase itself is secondhand and was part of our neighbors' 50th wedding anniversary party.

And yes, that is a photo of Dax in a bowtie. I still cannot get enough of that photo.

I have a few wine bottle vases around the room, and those come from the wedding. I had to keep just a few of them as reminders of our special day, plus, I just really love the colors they're painted. (Side note, we sold the rest of our wine bottle vases, aisle vases, and artificial flowers on Facebook, so they can be part of someone else's big day! Reusing, alright.)

Our Acadiana flag canvas was done by Phillip's cousin, Giorgio, and it seriously ties our room together and makes it uniquely ours.

I've got candles all over the room, although not all of them are made with soy wax. We do love our A Higher rePurpose candle for the recycled wine bottle and cleaner soy the Bora Bora scent smells so good!

Your home's style is definitely one of those things that constantly changes and evolves. Although many of the pieces in our living room have been here since my husband moved in almost four years ago, we've rearranged and decorated here and there, keeping the space comfortable and exciting. It's eco-friendly, but most importantly, it's cozy!

Dax approves, at least.

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