Photo Friday | Repping the River

When the weather is perfect outside, you always want to take advantage of it. Last weekend was one of those gorgeous days, and a group of friends invited us to spend the afternoon on Bayou Vermilion, soaking in the sun and catching up.

The water was a sparkling brown and the scenery looked almost like real autumn! Even with the watercolor sky and vibrant trees, there's still a reminder of the flood with the water line that still covers the banks.

Bayou Vermilion is one of Lafayette's defining characteristics (for both good and bad), but spending time on it gives you a new perspective on the city. In January, I wrote about how Bayou Vermilion District's operations crew goes out on the water every day (weather and water-level permitting) to clean trash and other debris so that residents like myself and my friends can have enjoyable days like we did.

See how much nicer it is when there's not litter floating downstream!?

When you get out on Bayou Vermilion and take photos, share them on social media with #RepTheRiver!

Hope you all have a happy Festivals Acadiens weekend! Don't forget to be green and recycle!

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