Photo Friday | Eco-friendly Wedding Elements

While I have so, so much that I cannot wait to share from our wedding last weekend, I am going to put just two sneak peeks in today's Photo Friday post. I had a lot of fun (and a little frustration) attempting to stay as committed as possible to incorporating green elements into our ceremony and reception, and I'll be featuring some of the brands and companies I worked with in coming posts (as I get all the professional photos back).

I was determined to have sustainable shoes, which is not as easy as it seems to accomplish. Finding bridal vintage shoes was a basically impossible task, and I tried three pairs (one conventional pair, one secondhand pair, and one vegan leather pair) before finding THE ones, shown below. I do plan to do a post on my bridal style, but this is my quick shout out to Beyond Skin, based in the United Kingdom, and specifically Coral in customer service, for all of their help and for these gorgeous shoes.

My main requirement was a shoe with an ankle strap so they wouldn't slip on and off. These shoes are made of vegan leather, and the lining is 100% recycled with a vegetable polymer coating. The heels were lower than I normally wear, but perfect for dancing the night away.

We included my bicycle as part of the decorations at the ceremony and the reception, and I just love how it became a gorgeous focal point. Members of my new family did a great job on the floral arrangement in my basket, the lights on the basket are LED, and I made the pennant myself.

I've kept the hydrangeas and eucalyptus from the arrangement (love having them in my office!), and will dry them out once they start to wilt. That way I can keep a fragrant reminder around as long as possible!

Have a great Halloween weekend! Don't forget to make a few changes to make your Halloween greener.

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