6 of My Favorite Eco-Friendly Instagrams

Part of my green journey involves following inspiring people or companies that give me new ideas or perspectives. And sometimes you just need to step back, take a breath, and refresh your perspective. Okay, maybe that's just me. Since my favorite of the social networks is Instagram, I'll share a few of my favorite profiles for their photography or inspiration qualities!

Julie over at Green Philly Blog is one of my favorite green people to follow, hands down. Julie is dedicated to sustainability in Philadelphia, and is incredibly involved. Plus, she recently went car-free! When I decided to restart Eco Cajun after a hiatus, I found her blog, and have gotten to know and bond with her over the years.

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We all know my obsession with Klean Kanteen. While my Klean adventures usually involve the gym and my desk, their Instagram makes me feel like I'm all over the world with a cold bottle of beer water.

The man himself, Jack Johnson. He of laidback surfy music and a solar powered studio.

Susty Party is a popular Brooklyn-based company that makes compostable and biodegradable party supplies. Their Instagram goes beyond simple product shots, instead, showing them "in the wild'. And I'm a sucker for composition and bright colors.

So, I really am a sucker for gorgeous, adventurous scenery. I could flip through feeds of this all day long. Not that I do already. But I could. United by Blue is a Philadelphia-based company that uses organic or local materials for their clothing and bags. For every product the company sells, they clean a pound of trash from our oceans. How amazing is that!?

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Give a Shit about Nature is one of my favorite bluntly named Facebook and Instagram accounts. Sometimes you need a reminder why you focus so much on your passion. And I believe the best way to make a difference is to simply give a shit. The easiest way to go green is to give a shit.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my favorite local Instagrams!

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Julie said...

Love this! Thanks so much for including us in your fav Instagrammers! You're the best - keep up the great work!

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