5 of My Favorite Acadiana Eco-Friendly Instagrams

Yesterday I shared a peek at some of my favorite green Instagrams, and today I'm bringing it back to town with my favorite local accounts! It's fun to follow and get to know all these guys, and band together on our commitment to greening Acadiana!

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The Market at the Horse Farm uses their Instagram to share the spirit of Saturday mornings and keep you updated on what's for sale. It's a great way to plan out your trips!

Dark Roux focuses on local produce and meats for their brunch and dinner menus, and they recently installed a small garden for herbs and vegetables. If their feed doesn't make you hungry, I don't know what will.

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Speaking of the small garden at Dark Roux, it was planned and installed by the Urban Naturalist! These photos are inspiring for anyone who dreams of having a fabulous garden.

Bayou Vermilion District works tirelessly to maintain our area waterways, including the Vermilion River. My favorite posts from them are not the most glamorous. Rather, they give a great representation of just how littered our waterways are. Litter on the streets gets flushed into the storm drains, and travel all the way to our rivers. It all piles up to look like this.

TECHE Project also works on our waterways, in conjunction with Bayou Vermilion District, and their focus is more on the recreational aspect of our waterways. Makes you want to get out and enjoy nature, doesn't it!?

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