six month countdown

Six months from today, I turn 30. I've never been big on making bucket lists but I figure I should make these last six months of my twenties count for something.

Buy a new car. I've been driving the same car since my senior year of high school. While it's pretty eco-friendly to keep what you have, and the car is fuel efficient, I need an upgrade. I've had my eye on a hybrid for a few years, so I've got six months to make one mine.

Travel somewhere new. Where? I have no idea. My boyfriend and I regularly dream of places we want to see, from the attainable to the LOL Yeah Right.

Clean out, donate and start fresh. Especially after moving in with my boyfriend, I've got a ton of stuff I just don't need any more. I would love to kick off my thirties with a more minimalistic approach and send my old things off to new homes. 

Learn how to sew better. I can fix a hem or minor holes, but it's probably time I learn how to do those better and do a few more complicated things. Bonus challenge, learn how to use a sewing machine, and maybe even invest in one.

As I think of more items for my #Countdownto30 bucket list, I will update this. Here's to holding myself accountable for making things happen!


Julie said...

Love this list! I just made myself a 2015 "Philly" bucket list of what everyone else talks about yet I haven't done.

Maybe you could add a physical or mental challenge? Like hiking a certain trail or taking a class?

Caitlin said...

That's an awesome idea, Julie! It's a great way to find new things to love about your city.

I definitely need to add some challenges to accomplish! Unfortunately, Louisiana is pretty flat so I'd have to travel somewhere to get a hike in. When we went to Hawaii we did four or five hikes and I really enjoyed them...I wish I could get my fix around home too!

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