giving thanks

As we barrel full-steam ahead into the holiday season, it's important to stop and properly celebrate Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for this year, besides Black Friday doorbuster sales? Because there's nothing like reenacting the Hunger Games for a cheap TV hours after giving thanks for what we already have!

I love the Thanksgiving holiday, from the annual Thanksgiving Day parade (and terrible lip syncing) to a day off work to post-lunch movie traditions with my family (post-lunch Christmas Vacation...every year!). I love green bean casserole and sweet potatoes and eating entirely too much food. I love the last bit of autumn colors before they give way to red and green. I love spending the evening rewatching Thanksgiving episodes of my favorite TV series (The OC's The Homecoming and Gilmore Girls' A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving).

This year, I'm particularly thankful. For my new job and everything good it has brought. For my family. For my boyfriend and our life together, with all our adventures. For our kitties, who are great cuddle buddies, especially on cold nights.

And for you all - the readers and friends of this blog. In the times when I get discouraged, something always keeps me coming back to write. I hope to make a difference, no matter how small. I'm so thankful for everything this site has brought me, especially in the past year. I've got a renewed sense of purpose, and I'm ready to keep going!

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