It's no secret that I'm a big supporter of the Klean Kanteen brand of reusable bottles. We own six of them. I take one to work, they come to every Festival International, they get in the spirit of Mardi Gras, and I've toted them along on vacations in San Francisco and Hawaii.

It's not even possible to calculate how many disposable cups I've saved over the past six years since I bought my first Kanteen. And I don't even use one as often as I could.

As a company, Klean Kanteen goes beyond selling products, and they advocate for reuse and less litter. Their latest campaign is a series of videos with the theme #BringYourOwn.
#BringYourOwn starts a conversation around the policies and cultural ideas that promote a disposable lifestyle. Why is it easier to find a disposable bottle of water than finding a place to fill your reusable bottle? Why are there some places that will fill your reusable container and other places that have health codes against it? Why is bringing reusable options seen as so easy by some, but sort of hard for many?
For a new perspective on the impact that disposable cups and other trash really has, Klean Kanteen created a series of videos that send a clear message.

Watch the other videos on Klean Kanteen's website and join the movement by posting your own reusable photos tagged with #BringYourOwn.

Where will YOU bring your own bottle? What kind of disposable trash will you spare?

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