Introducing Project Front Yard!

I tend to write about ways you can go greener as an individual, because action always starts with one person. But it feels empowering when larger initiatives come about that echo your own mission. Then you feel a little less like a small fish in a very large pond.

I'm so thrilled and inspired by the formation of Project Front Yard, Lafayette's newest beautification initiative. Projects under the iniative include the revitalization of gateways into the area, improved streetscapes, litter removal and prevention, public art and Vermilion River cleanup. The goal is to clean up and beautify all these aspects, as they are Lafayette's collective "front yard." We have a great community, and now we are cleaning up the physical curb appeal to match our personality!

It's important for us to take a little pride in our community and keep things tidy, for both ourselves and for visitors. You remember how you always had to clean up the house before visitors came, so they wouldn't see the little bits of mess here and there...this is practically the same thing! We always have visitors, so it's important to keep Lafayette clean all the time.

One of the first projects completed was at Lafayette Middle, where front yard landscaping will add to the scenery of one of our historic schools.

The first big project will be on Saturday, October 25. Hosted by United Way of Acadiana and UL Lafayette, 1,000 UL students will pick up litter on UL's campus (and surrounding areas) as part of the largest trash mob in Lafayette's history. After the cleanup, the litter will be collected and placed on display to show the public just how much trash there is on our streets.

Anyone can get involved by picking up litter in their own area and bringing it to Congress St. across from Cajun Field between noon and 3:00 on October 25. The more trash we all pick up, the bigger a statement we will make!

You know the trash is there. Grab some gloves and a trash bag, and pick up what you see on your evening dog walk or around your office's parking lot. Be part of Project Front Yard!

And you can keep up via social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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