gettin' crafty with it

It's been a minute since I've completed a good eco-friendly craft project. Between multitasking on five different things at any given time, my track record of craft execution and just not needing to make anything, my project roster has suffered.

But! I've made a few things over the past couple years that I'm pretty proud of, so let's recap my Eco Cajun craft history, shall we?

  • Recycled mason jar pendant lamp. One of my favorite projects, because it was one I used on a regular basis before moving out of my apartment. I loved not having to use real tools beyond a hammer and nail.

  • Spraypainted everything. I went through a big spraypainting phase and love the new life it gives to old items. Nothing was safe from me...I spraypainted many a twig last year in the name of decorations!
  • DIY fridge folder pocket. Gotta use those promo magnets somehow! Why not to make a functional catchall pocket to hold 9,303 Bed Bath and Beyond coupons on the fridge?
  • Using mason jars in all kinds of ways. Mason jars. That's all I gotta say.
  • Desk crafts. My recent spraypainted (!) mason jar (!!) pen cup and DIY recycling bin.
  • Recycled billboard vinyl. Ah, that time I tried making a bicycle basket out of recycled billboard vinyl. It didn't come out quite how I wanted, but I used it for about 4 months before breaking down and buying a bike basket. (In my defense, I bought the basket so I could take my then-baby kitten on bike rides. Which we did...three times.)
 What's your favorite eco-friendly craft to make? 

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