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Despite a very rainy Saturday, UL's first home game was a blast. The man and I donned our rain jackets (his was school colors, mine made it feel like Christmas), got on our bikes and headed toward Cajun Field.

I was especially interested to check out the hundreds of recycling bins in action. I had brought my drink in an insulated Klean Kanteen (and it stayed wonderfully cold), but still had the chance to throw away some recyclables, thanks to a free beer and McCafe drink samples.

We stopped by one of the RV spots before the game, and I was delighted to see the owners bringing a full bag to their spot's recycling bin. I didn't even have to pester them!

But of course, the bad seemed to outweigh the good. I still saw recyclables being thrown in the trash, but moreso, I saw tons of trash and recycling on the ground. I compulsively picked up some recycling that I passed by, and I could have easily spent an hour or so walking around picking up much more. With so many recycling bins and trashcans around, it was extra frustrating to see so much litter everywhere, especially sitting in rainwater puddles. 

This pile of litter is literally right outside a trash can. Not in it - OUTSIDE IT. This photo sparked some good comments over on Facebook about how it's just unacceptable. I know that you'll never be able to convince everyone that recycling and proper waste disposal is simply the right way, but it should be common sense to not litter! It doesn't take any extra effort to go to a recycling bin or trashcan and throw away whatever you have, compared to dropping it on the ground as you walk. 

But I know that so many people just don't give a crap, and that's the problem. You SHOULD give a crap! Make Lafayette, or anywhere, a better place. Don't trash it! Literally all you need to do is throw something away where it goes - whether a trash can or recycling bin. If you don't see one around, hold your stuff until you do. Unfortunately, tailgating at Cajun Field is the only place so far where there's an equal number of recycling bins as trashcans around Lafayette. Let's change that and make it the norm as well! One for one.

We're one game down for the season, which means there are more chances to improve on game day recycling! LESS LITTER! UL's next home game is this Saturday - let's see how well we can do!

Once the rain finally stopped during the second quarter, the sunset was incredible! Saturday nights at Cajun Field are always wonderful, but when nature gives you beautiful sunsets, it's just a little more magical!

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