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Celebrities are not always known for the good things they do, but there is a great group of celebrities who have made headlines for their green efforts.

Instead of trying to share the most comprehensive list of eco-friendly celebrities, I'll focus on a select few (some of my favorites!) and what they're most known for.

Jack Johnson is one of my favorite eco-friendly musicians. A section of his website is dedicated to his green efforts on tour and with his All At Once campaign. Jack lives in Hawaii, and his record label, Brushfire Records, is headquartered in a renovated green building, including a number of innovative features to keep the environmental impact low, such as solar panels providing all power for the offices and studio, interior and exterior wall insulation made from 100% post-consumer waste (cotton from blue jean scraps), a Duro-Last green roof and recycled shingles. The past few Jack Johnson albums were recorded with solar power!

The Dave Matthews Band works in partnership with Reverb to put on the Bama Green Project. Created by the Dave Matthews Band, REVERB and IZSTYLE, the Bama Green Project encompasses all of the environmental efforts of the band while on the road, in the studio or at home. In addition, the Bama Green Project educates DMB fans around the world about how to take simple and positive environmental actions. Dave also rides his bike while on tour and made headlines last year when he was stranded before a show with a flat tire, and got a ride to the venue with a fan.

Brad Pitt has focused some of his green efforts close to home, with his Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans. Following Hurricane Katrina, the Make It Right Foundation worked to build eco-friendly homes in the Lower Ninth Ward. Over 100 homes were certified LEED Platinum, the highest level of green building certification by the US Green Building Council.

Ian Somerhalder heads up the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which focuses on animal welfare and the environment as interconnected parts the earth. A couple of years ago, he came to Lafayette as the emcee for Strut Your Mutt, an event that helped raise money for homeless animals in Acadiana. Yes, I missed it. Yes, I'm still a little mad about it. His foundation's environment work helps promote different issues, such as solar energy, bees, native plants in your garden and composting.

Ed Begley, Jr. is one of my favorite celebrity environmentalists. A few years back, he had a show on Planet Green called Living With Ed, featuring his wife Rachelle. I remember episodes showing their green home renovations, and they installed solar tubes in the ceiling for light and wind turbines for energy. Ed is someone who very much practices what he preaches.

Alicia Silverstone is known for her vegan diet and cookbook. Part of her reasons for her vegan lifestyle include health improvements and environmental concerns. A section of her blog, The Kind Life, focuses on Green Life. Alicia brings a refreshing view to environmentalism and ties it in to her vegan lifestyle beliefs. Her cookbook helps introduce newcomers to veganism and gives steps on easing the transition.

Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation focuses on environmental and humanitarian issues, including wildlife preservation, water access and climate change. He's also known for driving eco-friendly cars, like the Fisker Karma electric vehicle.

Natalie Portman is another famous (and gorgeous) vegan. She's a big supporter of animal rights, which inspired her to design a line of vegan footwear a few years back. It seems as though the brand, Te Casan, is out of business these days, unfortunately. She also had a vegan wedding a couple years back in 2012, where the dinner menu was all vegan and guests received packets of wildflower seeds as thank-you gifts.

Who is your favorite eco-friendly celebrity?

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