recycling touchdowns and sustainable tailgating

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Office of Sustainability has been busy making an impact on campus. And combined with the recent upgrades to Cajun Field in time for the 2014 football season, recycling is now readily available for tailgaters and football fans! (And you can bet that I cheered when passing by Cajun Field this week and seeing the perimeter lined with tons of trash cans and recycling bins! FINALLY!)

Recycling and waste bins will be available at every (yes, EVERY) tailgating spot and in other high-traffic areas. Tailgating spots will have green recycling bins and blue trash bins. Inside the stadium, recycling materials go into red containers, while trash is collected in black bins.

UL Lafayette will determine the volume collected during home games this season to compete in the Game Day Challenge, a nationwide college recycling contest. So, the more you recycle, the better UL will do in the competition!

Now, on to tailgate time! I cannot WAIT to get out to Cajun Field before the game! Tailgating is one of my favorite parts of football. You always see tons of friends, there's so much good food (and everything smells so good!), everyone is wearing the same two colors, and the festive spirit in the air can't be beat. 

There are many ways can you be more sustainable on game day, no matter which school you're cheering for.

  • Skip driving your car. Parking is already a hassle, so carpool with others, ride your bike or arrange to get dropped off. My boyfriend and I love riding our bikes because it's easier and we can park closer to the stadium. 
  • Don't use styrofoam cups for your drinks! They are not recyclable and not biodegradable. Bring a plastic cup, or a stainless steel bottle (insulated keeps beer cold for a long time, just saying). Beer cans are recyclable and safer than bottles. 
  • Pack tailgating food in reusable containers instead of disposable.
  • Bring napkins and paper towels made with recycled materials
  • Choose disposable plates/silverware made with recycled materials. (Or go for compostable, plant-based party plates from Susty Party. I LOVE this red party pack for UL!)
  • Don't litter! Whether inside or outside the stadium, put trash where it belongs. And on the ground is NOT where it belongs.
Items that go in recycling: aluminum, paper (as long as it's not wet), plastic and cardboard. 

Items that don't go in recycling: food, styrofoam, plastic bags, wood, bottle caps, disposable plates/silverware.

Glass is sometimes accepted and sometimes not; it depends on who is providing recycling services. But for tailgating purposes, it's best not to have glass at all. If it breaks it can cause injuries or flat tires.

So, all you UL fans…don't forget to wear red on Friday for the Cajuns!

And for any college football fan, tailgate sustainably! FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!

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