motivation and recharging

Don't you hate when time seems to run away from you? The end of summer is already creeping up, and I sometimes wonder where it all went. Between a very hectic, scatterbrained summer at work, general feeling like poop sometimes, and getting a lot of things done that needed to be done, I feel a bit disconnected from my environmentalism goals and habits.

Granted, I still make sure to recycle everything I can, and I conserve energy like crazy. But I feel like there's more I should be doing, and I need to refocus to get myself back in the game. This summer has been spent de-hotmessing myself, and I'm starting to feel like I'm achieving that goal, so now it's time to move back to being greener. There are so many things still for me to do and write about, and I am going to get there!

I drink green tea every morning instead of coffee. I felt the beginnings of a scratchy throat this week, so I added some local honey to my tea, and included a drop of doTERRA lemon essential oil. It might be the best tea I've ever made, and now it's going to be my morning standard! I'm also excited to try essential oils as alternative therapy and plan to share my journey with y'all!

I've felt like my weekends have become full of staying home and doing housework. I do enjoy lounging around with my little family, especially after a long week, and I love the feeling of completing housework and having a clean house, dishes and clothes, but I feel a little old and boring when it's all I have to do. This morning I went out for coffee with a friend, and it felt like a good mental recharging. It helped to motivate me a bit more in doing new things for the blog. I might have to make Sunday morning coffee a more regular event. (I also can't wait for the weather to be more bearable around here so I can have Sunday morning coffee in the backyard!)

Speaking of recharging: floating in a pool for a couple hours with a beer on a hot afternoon. Thumbs up.

A friend recently moved into a new home and found a basket full of bath products that had been left behind. He offered them to me, so I rummaged through and salvaged the bottles (and a couple candles!) that were still good. Now we're well-stocked for when guests come, and I had a relaxing bath tonight!

Big things are happening soon, and I'm ready to strap in and go for the ride!

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