weekly simple eco tip, 5.15

So, you've learned how to cut down printer paper waste, how you can reuse scrap paper, and even how to go paperless with bills and statements. Following these tips, in the spirit of paper conservation, this week's simple eco tip is to go paperless when taking notes or writing memos.

Earth911 features 5 different note-taking apps for iPads, iPhones and Androids, some of which can be synced between mobile and desktop versions: Notability, Corkulous, Springpad, Todo Task Manager and Remarks. Another popular app is Evernote. Mashable recently featured Use Your Handwriting, which allows you to 'handwrite' memos. These apps help you cut down on using scrap paper while still helping you jot down notes or memos to yourself.

Beyond actual note-taking apps, look for other memo-pad type apps for different purposes. iPhones come with the Apple Notes app. My Android came with S Memo, which I mainly use for quick lists or ideas for blog posts. I recently downloaded Grocery Smart, a grocery list app that can be synced with a web account. My favorite part of Grocery Smart is the actual ability to check items off your grocery list. 

Grocery Smart Android App

I find that writing quick grocery lists is my last real holdout to using paper over an app or website, especially since I switched from Blackberry to an Android and hadn't installed a new grocery list app until very recently. I always made sure to use scrap paper for grocery lists, such as junk mail envelopes or waste printer paper from work, but it's still best to go totally paperless.

Do you use a memo or note app? Which one is your favorite?

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