national bike month [link friday, 5.3]

Happy National Bike Month!

Wednesday kicked off National Bike Month, spearheaded by the League of American Bicyclists. Get out and ride as often as you can this month, before the sweltering summer heat sets in.

  • Peruse the Bike Month page at the link above for all kinds of great resources related to bicycling.
  • Find Bike Month events in your area.
  • Read The League's Getting Started Guide to National Bike Month. (Or download a PDF of it here.)
  • Look into local bike groups and get involved! 
  • If you're in the Lafayette area, join in Bike Lafayette's Ride of Silence (9.5 miles) on May 15. It will honor Betty J. Noel, Jaquil Provost, Mickey Shunick, Nell Taylor, Roxanne Richard, Carl Menard, Leigh Holland, Mark Weinke, Scott Coco and Monique Koll, local citizens who have been killed or injured in the past year while riding bikes.
  • And check out national bike organizations.
  • If you're looking into getting a bike, check out your local shops. Some great Lafayette shops are:
  • Live in a larger city? Check to see if there's a bike sharing program! Sustainable Business has more great information on bike sharing programs around the world.
  • Biking to work? Eleanor's, an NYC boutique, has a great online shop of stylish bike-friendly clothing and accessories to help you make the trip. (Tip: Bags or baskets are a must to carry your items! Panniers would be great to carry extra clothing or your work materials.) I definitely want the skirt that unzips to give extra fabric for riding modestly! There are many other places around the Internet that have great bike accessories as well.
  • Learn how to tune up your bike on your own. Maintenance is extremely important to keep your bike riding well.
  • Get a helmet if you don't already have one. There are many many places online to find a helmet that suits your style. I received a Nutcase helmet for Christmas and I love it! I am drawn to the more urban styles instead of those racing-style helmets. Let's face it, I won't be doing much speed racing on my cruiser. But whatever style you like, get a helmet and save your head!
  • Learn your local and state bike laws. Lafayette, a reminder once again of our laws!

Now that you're prepared, go ride! Have a lovely, two-wheeled weekend from eco cajun!

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