earth day eve

A short link roundup in advance of the 43rd Earth Day tomorrow:

JetBlue is planting 83,000 trees in honor of every customer flying on Earth Day. The trees will be planted in North and Northwest Haiti to help rebuild earthquake-impacted areas. They're also going to plant 100 trees in Queens as part of their One Thing That's Green program. I always like to hear stories of airlines giving back to the earth, since air travel has such a large carbon footprint. It's good that some airlines work to give back, instead of just always taking from the earth.

PBS will be airing a miniseries this week called "Earth: The Operator's Manual." There are three parts to the miniseries, and if you don't have cable (like myself), you can watch all the parts online. The show talks about the problem of climate change, then how to fix it.

The Earth Day Network is running a project called Billion Acts of Green. Anyone can pledge an act of green and add it to the database. I pledged to keep my car's tires properly inflated to increase fuel effiency. I admit, I'm highly lazy when it comes to car maintenance. I really need to improve that.

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