earth day 2012

Earth Day 2012 is coming up fast, and with it comes plenty of activities. This past Sunday, an Earth Day festival was held at Vermilionville. I attended this event two years ago and enjoyed walking around, spending a day outside, and being around like-minded people. This year, I was unfortunately out of town and couldn't make the festival, but it seems that plenty of other people did. It's great to read positive comments from people exploring and learning about environmentalism.

Lafayette is about to embark on a very spirited and energetic week, with Festival International only six days away. This year, a new project is kicking off on April 22 (Earth Day) that will help shape Lafayette. It's called Innov8 and they are recognizing Earth Day in their eight days of activities. Just from perusing the list, I can feel my Sunday quickly filling up with events and learning. Save the Earth - Start with Our Coast is a great list of all the Earth Day events they're putting on. What's even greater is the proximity of the Innov8 events to my house. I smell a bike ride in my future! I'm especially interested in learning about the research and actions toward coastal sustainability. Having lived in Lafayette my entire life and realizing just how unique this area is as I grow up, I get concerned with the well-being of this place. Nature happens, and humans make nature a little more extreme. I would love to learn even a little about what we are going to do to keep the area as natural as possible and slow the effects of erosion.

Visiting the BeauSoleil home again will also be interesting. The BeauSoleil home competed in the Solar Decathlon in 2009, and won the People's Choice Award. I attended the send-off party before the house traveled to the Decathlon, but I would love to be able to tour inside the house.

If you're in Lafayette, check one of these events out on Sunday. If you're elsewhere, look online - you might find an event near you!

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