update to lafayette recycling

Following up on my previous post, I received a call back from the Department of Environmental Quality today. I explained again my situation, that I would just like to know where I can drop off my recyclables and I was told there are two fire stations in Lafayette that continue to have a drop-off. One is the fire station on Johnston and St. Julien, near UL, and the other is a fire station on Ambassador Caffery, somewhere near the Bertrand split. Neither take glass, which is nothing new. My other option would be the Recycling Foundation office on Cameron, somewhere near Eraste Landry, and they accept glass, but are only open during normal working hours. (My knowledge of west Lafayette is not the greatest since I am never there.)

Thus, I have two completely out-of-the-way choices to drop off my recycling, meaning I will continue to mooch off my boyfriend's neighbor's bin and invite myself into the city's contract with the Recycling Foundation.

So for those of you who don't have a residential bin or those of you who don't live in the city limits – those are your options. One fire station in the middle of Lafayette or one in west Lafayette.

(And coupled with the frustrations I'm having regarding my company's recycling bin and ITS lack of pickup, I'm not a content treehugger at the moment.)

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