update and editorial

About two months ago I wrote about the city of Houston and NRG Energy being close to a deal that would provide solar energy for city buildings and linked to the New York Times article. Today the NYT has a follow-up article saying the deal is pretty much dead, due to the city wanting to renew the contract annually and NRG wanting an upfront 25-year contract.

NYT also has an editorial from Thomas Friedman about legislative opponents to cap-and-trade taxes and their seeming disagreement that some kind of change needs to happen. I think it's very well-written and I agree with the points he makes. And I still think there's a twofold challenge to environmentalism - getting people to understand the need and the danger, and getting people to ACT to work against the destruction. Friedman mostly talks about getting people to understand the need and know that the world can't keep functioning on its current system.

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