Local Restaurants That Use Plant-Based Packaging

(Originally posted 7/16/2020, last updated 4/1/2022)

With almost every restaurant adapting to takeout and curbside pickup orders during the pandemic, single-use takeout containers, utensils, straws and napkins have definitely multiplied.

It is so important to continue to support local businesses during these times, especially restaurants that are struggling to keep their doors open. And ordering dinner from your favorite restaurant is a nice break from cooking once in awhile. (Even though I love to cook, I get burnt out on doing it as often as I have been, and look forward to treating the family to some restaurant food!)

So during Plastic Free July, I came up with a list of locally/regionally owned restaurants in Acadiana that use plant-based or plastic- and Styrofoam-free packaging. Not only are these some delicious restaurants, but you can also feel better knowing you aren't contributing to more plastic and Styrofoam waste.

A few notes: 

No matter where you may order food from, always ask (or put it in the special notes section of your online order) the restaurant not to give you any plastic utensils, straws or napkins. You can also ask them not to put any condiment packets, especially if you have them at home. Another small way you can reduce is by not ordering drinks, as they'll almost always come in plastic or Styrofoam.

This list was compiled with feedback on my Facebook and Instagram - thank you to everyone who commented! I am sure there are more restaurants in the Acadiana area who use eco-friendly packaging. If you know of a restaurant that you don't see included, leave a comment or email me, and I'll update the list and the map.

If you're planning to order from a restaurant, check their Facebook page or website first to see what their current hours are. Things are changing almost daily, and some restaurants may be temporarily closed.

La Cuisine de Maman

Another Broken Egg Cafe

I discovered a few years back that Another Broken Egg uses Eco Products packaging when I needed a container for leftovers. We ordered from them last Mother's Day as well and enjoyed our brunch at home!

Brick and Spoon

According to the person who commented on my Facebook page, Brick and Spoon uses paper boxes for their takeout.


The person who commented about CENTRAL and TULA Tacos on my Facebook page says, "It's a conscious choice for them - I spoke with one of the owners. He said it costs about ten cents more per package, and with restaurants' already slim margins, it's a big deal. He still thinks it's important!"

Emerge: An Artisan Juicery

Emerge is known for using glass jars for their juices, rather than plastic. They distribute juices to vendors around Acadiana, and you can order online. Emerge used to accept the empty glass jars back for sterilization and reuse, but I am not sure if they are still able to do so during this time.

Karma Collective

This is a great place to find local healthy food, drinks and desserts.

La Cuisine de Maman

The restaurant inside Vermilionville made the switch to takeout products made of bagasse, a compostable plant-based material, a few years back, and it's one of the many ways they've focused on sustainability over at Vermilionville.

Here's a blog post I did on the restaurant back in 2018.

Courtesy: La Cuisine de Maman


Market Eatz

Market Eatz is one of my favorite new local restaurants. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and very cozy outdoor dining space. When we picked up dinner recently, I learned that they use compostable containers and paper bags for their takeout orders!


The Northside Vegan

This is a fairly new pop-up restaurant in Lafayette, and although I haven't tried it yet, their food looks seriously delicious. Because there's no fixed location, I'm not able to add it to the map below, but if you follow their Facebook or Instagram accounts, you can see where they will be located each day. A bonus: The Northside Vegan is a Black-owned restaurant!

Courtesy: The Northside Vegan

Pamplona Tapas Bar

Pamplona has strived to reduce waste and recycle more over the past few years. I wrote a blog post on their efforts back in 2018.

Pop's Poboys 

Pop's uses paper and cardboard boxes for takeout.

Scratch Farm Kitchen

Scratch began as a food truck before opening a permanent location in Downtown Lafayette. They focus on healthy food and locally sourced ingredients and they are delicious.


Spoonbill Watering Hole & Restaurant 

Spoonbill is a fairly new restaurant in Downtown Lafayette, and they use Eco Products takeout containers and compostable plastic bags, in addition to compostable silverware. We finally ordered takeout from them recently, and I loved seeing the compostable food trays. We didn't get any utensils with our order, which I liked, since we were eating at home anyway. And I cannot tell you how delicious this chicken sandwich is!


Taco Sisters

I blogged about Taco Sisters' use of compostable containers in 2016, and they still use them, although since then, they added a midtown Lafayette location and closed their downtown one.

Taylormade EATS

Taylormade EATS is known for locally made kale chips that are sold in farmers markets and area Whole Foods stores. Taylor is now doing vegan plate lunch pop-ups on Sundays - follow the page on Instagram for her locations and times. Taylor says she travels to Baton Rouge to stock up on sustainable packaging and says it is worth the effort.

Tchoup's Midcity Smokehouse

This new barbecue restaurant opened fall 2020 in Lafayette, and it is amazing. The interior decor is absolutely gorgeous, but they offer easy takeout. We recently picked up dinner here, and the restaurant uses Eco Products for their takeout containers. The barbecue sauces come in small plastic containers that can be recycled. Everything came in a paper bag that I saved to reuse. You can request not to receive utensils or napkins through the online ordering special notes.

TULA Tacos + Amigos

TULA is owned by the same group who owns CENTRAL and they use plant-based containers for takeout.

Bonus listing!

McAlister's Deli

Although McAlister's Deli is a chain, an Instagram friend shared that at least the Lafayette location uses compostable packaging.

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