2020 Resolutions

I'm seriously looking forward to this new year.

2019 threw me for more of a loop than I expected, and I'm hoping that I can let go a little and move forward feeling stronger than before.

These are some of the things I would like to pursue more...not necessarily accomplish them, but at least try!


At home

I know I say it every year, but I'm in the mood to declutter our house in a big way. We do a great job of finding items to get rid of, but get hung up on moving them out of the house and to the proper donation centers. This year, my goal will be for us to declutter our guest bedroom once and for all. The next step would be to maintain it, and not keep bringing items in.

Email inbox

Every so often, I look at my inbox, see all of the marketing emails that have collected, and then delete them without even opening them. Now is a great time to simply unsubscribe from the email lists that I don't feel compelled to read anymore and declutter my email.

Get my organizational system together

One of my big struggles in 2019 was staying organized and on top of my things. Mom Brain is completely real, and it's way too easy to feel too spread thin all the time. I've been slowly figuring out ways to keep myself organized, from using Trello for batching my work tasks, to continuing using Todoist for personal and blog tasks.

I'm getting better at setting deadlines or notification times on my tasks or notes-to-myself so that I'll be reminded when I need to do something. And I'm working on scheduling everything on my calendars so that I have a complete view of what my schedule looks like. I'm staying almost completely paperless as well, so that everything is on my phone and/or synced to my computer.

One thing I started a couple months back that is starting to work and become a habit is building out our weekly menu before my weekly grocery trip. If I at least have an idea of what to fix each week, I'm not stuck every Sunday to figure out meals and make my grocery list. It's especially helpful now that Ari eats regular food, so I can stay organized and also know what to pack for daycare.


Prioritizing workouts on calendar

I feel like a broken record on this one, but last year was awful in terms of getting back to my exercising. Beyond almost-regular walks during the day, I feel like I only went to about 10 yoga classes. I'm not motivated to exercise at home, since there are a thousand other things I could be doing there. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with my organizational goal, but I plan to book my workout times on my calendar so that I won't let the time slip away and forget to go to the gym.

Meditate regularly

I'm a fan of meditating and have found it effective with Headspace. In my final trimester, I think I hit a 61 day meditation streak...and in 2019 I don't think my streak ever went past two days. Getting back into a meditation rhythm, even if it's a short two-minute breathing exercise, will help me tremendously.


Write more and expand my topics

Now that I've been blogging for nearly eight years, I've been feeling the writer's block hard, especially since having a baby. I'm working on ideas for new content and finding new things to write about that still fit within my eco-friendly niche.

Is there something you want to learn more about or want me to write about? Let me know!

Explore different creative outlets

I'd love to expand my blog posts a little beyond writing and photos, and I'm excited to play around with more graphics, photography and maybe music playlists...things that will help make the site more interactive for you!



I'm not sure why, but I've been feeling drawn to learning lettering and calligraphy. Maybe it's because I'm currently awful at it and would enjoy the creative outlet. I'm accepting any recommendations on books or apps that help teach you!

Activities with Ariana

I can't wait to bring Ariana to get a library card and start checking out books that she can interact with (under supervision, because she's kind of a Destructo).

We would also love to go camping together, even though that might be better when she's a little older.

Especially after the time changes in March, we'll incorporate family bike rides into our free time more often.

Maybe this is a lofty list to start with, and I don't expect to accomplish everything by December, but I'm at least hoping this will help me stay inspired. Here's to a fresh start to the 20s!

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