Photo Friday | National Skip the Straw Day

I'm a sucker for those random 'celebration' holidays that pop up all over social media, so of course I'm here today to say Happy National Skip the Straw Day!

Will You Accept This Skip-the-Straw Challenge?
Will You Accept This Skip-the-Straw Challenge?

Today at lunch with my coworkers, I went with my usual "Water, no straw please" order and the waitress obliged with no issues at all!

I took this week's column to talk about how each of us can personally reduce our dependence on single-use straws, and I appreciate the editors going for a Bachelor-style headline! Isn't that a thought - let's give out reusable straws like they're roses!

Okay, maybe just me.

So anyway, the premise is simple. Today is a day to celebrate either not using a single-use straw at all, or choosing a reusable straw instead. Check out my original blog post on ways to reduce your single-straw waste.

As this little photo spread shows, you can use a reusable straw for all sorts of drinks!

Margaritas (and yesterday was National Margarita Day!)


Green Smoothies

As Coffee Stirrer Alternatives

As my straw assortment shows, they come in different sizes and shapes, so they're perfect for thicker drinks like shakes and smoothies. This spring, I'll have to try out my reusable straw with a good snoball! 

Will you skip the straw for the rest of today?

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