Photo Friday | One Year

It is hard to believe that my one year wedding anniversary is this Sunday. One year ago tonight was our rehearsal dinner, and about the time everything finally seemed real. Kind of like when you're a kid and Christmas Eve finally arrives and you can't believe it's actually happening.

Truthfully, it doesn't feel like an entire year has passed, although so much life has happened in these past 365 days. Just like everyone, we've had the high moments and the low moments. Most days are full of bills and chores rather than epic adventures. But we're in it together and that makes every day worth it. Year one is still only the beginning!

Throughout this month for #TBT over on Instagram, I've been sharing wedding-related posts to highlight the different eco-friendly parts of our wedding. I still love how everything came together, and how we were able to utilize secondhand, recycled, repurposed, vintage, natural, local and borrowed items to make a ceremony and reception that were totally us.

It's been so much fun to look back through our photos and relive all the moments from the evening with our friends and family. We definitely started married life in style!

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Although of course it's supposed to rain this weekend, we're excited to celebrate our anniversary at the Bruno Mars concert in New Orleans. The last time we saw him was for my 29th birthday, so he's just going to have to come perform for any and every life milestone we have.

And then we finally get to eat our Sky's the Limit cake that's been in the freezer all this time. It might be what we are most excited for! I'm also looking forward to uncorking the personalized wine my bridesmaid Hailey and her husband Matt gave us, and using the matching personalized glasses. (Coolest gift ever, by the way!)

Cheers to a great weekend, whether you're celebrating something special or not!

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