Photo Friday | Kicking Off September

This Photo Friday will be a little bit of a recap of the past week.

To start off, I'm continuing to update my list of ways to help Harvey victims. If you're in the Acadiana area, United Way of Acadiana is holding their Flood the Love donation drive through tomorrow. Go here to see what items they are accepting.

These are the cleaning supplies I donated in last year's Flood the Love event, and after work today, I plan to make a shopping trip for toiletries to donate. It's hard to feel human when going through the grueling work of cleaning up, gutting your home, and starting the recovery process, and that's when a hot shower feels better than ever.

UL Lafayette kicks off its football season tomorrow with the first home game, and this week I blogged about the trouble I'm having with sticking to my sustainable style goals and finding a compliant purse for games.

After the post went up, my stepmother-in-law texted me, offering to loan me a clear purse she's only used once. So now I've got a clear purse to use for the season, without adding to clutter in my closet later, and it saves money. Freecycling for the win! I can't believe I didn't think about this as I was brainstorming options.

Over on my social media pages, I shared a few fun pictures with my Schwinn helmet, taken with my good friend Michelle at Moncus Park in Lafayette a few weekends ago. (Shoutout to the 90+ degree heat that afternoon...)

The Schwinn Ambassadors have focused on safety during the month of August, and wearing a helmet is one of the most important things you can do if you ride a bike. I admit I don't always wear mine, but I'm certainly going to be changing my tune, because I'd much rather protect my head than worry about what I look like.

I've also got a blog post coming up with Schwinn on combining safety and style, so I'll be sure to share once it's live!

I hope you all have a dry, safe and happy Labor Day weekend! For everyone recovering from Harvey, our continued thoughts, prayers and donations are with you. It may be a long road to recovery, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And let's all share a little more love toward each other - it makes all the difference.

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