Announcing the Gr8 Acadiana Cleanup Festival of Service!

Y'all, April starts in four days! Full-fledged springtime, 400 events happening each and every weekend, Festival International, and of course, my favorite - EARTH MONTH.

I feel like I say that every environment-related holiday is my Christmas, but Earth Month really is my favorite time of year. I love spending as much time as possible outside before it turns into a steam room, and of course I love promoting ways to protect our environment.

A little housekeeping here - I encourage you to go like my Facebook page if you do not already, so you can keep up with all the buzz and events happening around Acadiana during Earth Month.

I'll be listing many of those events on the blog later this week, but in this post, I want to tell you about something I'm really excited for. Project Front Yard is hosting its very first Festival of Service, called the Gr8 Acadiana Cleanup. It's 8 days of giving time, giving back, and making Acadiana better!

Every day has a different challenge and a different focus - learn about each of them through Project Front Yard's Facebook page, or in the press release, and find out how you can participate - there is plenty to get involved with!

And I might be biased, but I'm most excited for next Wednesday, April 5, which will be #WasteFreeDay. Along with two awesome ladies, Amanda and Catherine of No Waste Louisiana, I will educating y'all on making the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle, starting with the basics. On Wednesday, we'll challenge Acadiana to pack a waste-free lunch - for yourselves and your family!

In addition to the posts on Project Front Yard, I'll have a blog post out next Monday with some more detailed scoop on how you can pack a zero-waste lunch. It's not as hard as you think, and I'll be joining in on the fun myself.

How does packing a waste-free lunch contribute to a Gr8 Acadiana Cleanup? The most prevalent litter found in Acadiana and especially in Bayou Vermilion and the surrounding coulees are single-use items: fast food containers, plastic bags, soft drink, sports drink and water bottles, styrofoam containers, napkins and straws.

If even just a few people make the conscious choice to cut down on the amount of single-use packaging by choosing unpackaged or reusable alternatives, we can make a serious impact on what's left behind in our community. If we simply don't use it, it won't have a chance to become litter. And Acadiana will be cleaner and better for it.

Because we ARE better than a river full of styrofoam cups and plastic bags!

And who knows, we might make #WasteFreeDay a weekly Wednesday tradition!

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