Resolving to Be More Green in 2017

I don't know how this year has felt so simultaneously slow and quick, but here we are, staring at 2017. Here's to hoping it's slightly less exhausting than this year!

I've made it a tradition to share a few of my own green new year's resolutions here on the blog, and as I look back on those posts, I'm actually surprised at how many I've worked toward or accomplished. (2016, 2015, 2014)

So, this year is no different. I've got a few goals I want to work on in 2017:
  • Continue my yoga practice and see how far the journey can take me, both physically and mentally. And get back into my morning at-home sun salutation routine!
  • Write and develop more blog and social media content on sustainable lifestyles, with a focus on brands with sustainable products and/or eco-friendly missions.
  • Ride my bike more!
  • Shop at the farmer's market at least one Saturday a month.
  • Finally start my backyard compost pile.
  • Get out in nature more often, whether it's an afternoon at the Moncus Park at the Horse Farm, an overnight camping trip with my husband and some friends, or a long weekend at my husband's family's camp. Or even just enjoying our own backyard more often!
  • Check out books from my local library and read more (possibly while out in nature and lying in my hammock!)

Well...maybe it's more than a few goals. I do tend to set my own bar pretty high! Maybe I should really work on relaxing a little more often!

Are you thinking about adding a green new year's resolution or two to your list? I shared a few suggestions in my Times of Acadiana column this week, and here are a few others to consider:
  • Create less waste in your home or office. 
    • Use cloth towels and dish rags instead of paper towels
    • Use real coffee mugs instead of Styrofoam or paper
    • Use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic disposable ones
    • Grocery shop with cloth produce and shopping bags
    • Use real dishes instead of disposable ones
  • Shop at your local farmer's market.
  • Recycle more.
  • Cut down on driving. 
    • Carpool
    • Ride your bike
    • Walk
  • Pick up litter. 
    • Look around your workplace or places you frequent and pick up litter you find. 
    • If you have children, make set plans each month to go out in your community and pick up litter. It's exercise, family time, and good for the environment!
  • Stop littering cigarette butts.
  • Save electricity at home by using energy-efficient light bulbs and thermostats. 

 What are some of your 2017 new year's resolutions? Let's hear 'em!

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