Photo Friday | Choosing the Better Alternative

One of the things I've been focusing on this year in my own green journey is choosing more eco-friendly alternatives when I'm shopping.

A while back, I decided to look for an off-white top to wear to work and on the weekends in the summertime. I instinctively looked on a big chain website before realizing this was the perfect opportunity to find an item made of organic materials with fair-trade practices.

I found this top from Fair Indigo, a company whose tagline is Style with a Conscience, for less than I would have found it at a larger store. It is made of the softest organic cotton, passes Oeko-Tex standards (which means it's free of harmful substances), made fairly in Peru, and reduces waste by not using clothing tags. Both the sizing information and care instructions are stamped on the fabric, and the attached tag is made of recycled/recyclable paper.

Beyond all that, the top fits perfectly, is flattering, is not sheer like most standard clothing, works with just about everything in my closet, and is so comfortable. I'd call it a total win!

I'll be doing some more in-depth posts on fair trade and eco-friendly clothing throughout the year. You can also check out a blog I've started following lately, Sustainably Chic, for all kinds of great discoveries.

At Fair Indigo, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of clothing, accessories, and gifts that are stylish, sustainable, and the means to a happy, healthy life for people like these. Thanks to you, they work in safe surroundings - not sweatshops - and earn a fair wage that enables them to house, feed, and care for their families and strengthen their communities. Just a handful (7 to be precise) of people who are privileged to share a daunting, humbling, but uplifting purpose: we comb the globe--from small towns in North Carolina to highland villages in Peru--to find uniquely beautiful clothes and accessories, all made with immense care by people whose lives have been changed by the availability of safe, clean work, fair wages, and mutual respect for Mother Earth. Our fair trade clothing and gifts help lift people up in the developing world. Made in USA clothing and gifts keep much needed jobs at home. And both of these collections include a large selection of organic clothing.

Hope you all stay dry this weekend! Looks like Eco Cajun's birthday weekend is going to be a washout, but I still plan to make it a fun one.

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