New Year Organization | Reusing Small Tins

Well, it's back to the grind, I guess. Back to the five-day work weeks and healthy cooking. I may have taken the decorations down this past weekend, but our tree will stay up (with only lights) for a few more days. Haaaaappy new year!

January tends to bring about the urge to purge unwanted or old stuff, whether to minimize or make way for new Christmas goods, and then organization comes in. Over the next few weeks, I'll share some home organizing tips that follow the mantra reduce, reuse, recycle and help you keep your resolutions.

Up this week is a tiny item I always have around, and don't throw out right away: mint tins. They're super functional and long-lasting, and I've been saving a few in order to think up a few ways they can be reused.


  • Bobby pin/hair tie container. Perfect for traveling, or keeping your purse a little more organized.
  • Medicine container for your car or purse.
  • Pet treat dispenser. 
  • Travel or gym jewelry holder.
  • Safety and straight pin holder for sewing boxes.
  • Desk organizers for thumb tacks.
  • Ring holder to keep by the kitchen or bathroom sinks. (Pop the lid off and make two little trays out of one tin!)

What about any larger tins you may have?
  • Store smaller amounts of pet food.
  • Cookie or snack tin.
  • Organizer for feminine products or toiletries (especially those small samples or hotel bottles!)
  • Container for crayons, colored pencils, markers or paints.

And I get it, sometimes you just don't like the way the tins may look, especially if they are promoting a product or brand, like all the ones I have do. While a coat of spray paint is an easy fix, it isn't the most functional, especially for things you might keep in a purse or backpack. No one wants flakes of spray paint, nor a chipped-paint tin lying around! Use decorative tape to wrap the tin, or grab your Mod Podge and some scrap fabric. Get creative with it and make your tins match your home.

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