Water Rules!

Between back-to-school ads, changing clothing store inventory and football games starting up again, it would seem like fall is on its way here. And yet, the temperatures outside beg to differ. It is still hot, hot hot, and dry, dry, dry.

Back in the spring, I wrote about how to conserve water around your home, and one of the tips was to follow lawn-watering ordinances. Ordinances are found in cities all over the country, and are especially prevalent in California, which is facing one of the most extreme droughts on record.

Following our own spell of below-average rainfall, it's still important for all Lafayette Utilities System customers to continue to follow their lawn-watering ordinance until September 30. It applies to LUS residential, commercial and wholesale customers using automated watering systems and sprinklers. By following the set schedule, residents can help ensure sufficient water pressure for fighting fires.

As a refresher, LUS customers with addresses that end in an even number can use sprinklers and watering systems on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays between the midnight and 2p.m. Residents with odd-numbered addresses are permitted to water on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the same hours. You can still water by hand with a hose anytime. (TWSS?)
In addition, LUS recommends a thorough watering system-check up. This includes examining sprinkler heads for leaks, tightening irrigation hose and pipe connections, directing water spray onto landscaping instead of pavement (for the love...PLEASE don't water the street!), and choosing “water sense” irrigation products.
You can also take advantage of a rain barrel to water your lawn without having to tap into the city water supply. 

Just remember, we all need to share the city's water supply, including firefighters! Do your part and follow the watering schedule in order to conserve a valuable resource. 

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