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This past weekend, the boyfriend and I ventured out to the huge town of Broussard, Louisiana to have dinner at Hook and Boil. I always like to choose local restaurants over chains to help support the local economy, but also because we just have so many good cooks and local restaurants around town!  (Ramble: On trips or vacations, I try to always eat at local restaurants. If I can eat it at home, I don't want to waste my vacation on it.)

So, back to the point. Hook and Boil just opened in the past two weeks and are off to a great start. Owners Erin and Mark are friends of mine and I'm extremely proud of what they've accomplished already. The restaurant is gorgeous and the food is delicious. All dishes use local ingredients and are prepared by hand, not from a frozen box. Their crawfish comes from the chef/owner Mark's family farm not thirty minutes away. Two brands of local beer (Parish Brewing and Abita) are available at the bar.

We started off with the boudin egg roll appetizer and it is not to be missed. Boudin and Steen's syrup are a perfect combination and I could eat these just about every day (but my exercise routine brings me back to reality). I then had the fried oyster poboy and my man got the Good Morning Broussard burger. Both were gone from the plate within 10 minutes. I also devoured the hell out of those onion strings (which practically equaled an entire onion dumped into the fryer…SO good). What can we say, we were hungry!

One of my favorite features is the branded poboy and burger buns. Co-owner Erin described the tool as a food-grade cattle-brander. It's a unique touch that helps the restaurant create a memorable experience.

What is your favorite local restaurant?


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