Well, we meet again, December 31. You came again too quickly, and I don't like how much older I am each time we meet. But no matter. It's here, and I am ready to face 2014 head-on. This year was not one of my finer ones, even though I had many wonderfully great highs, from all kinds of adventures with my boyfriend, to adopting my sweet sweet love Milo, to visiting and falling in love with San Francisco.

I've been feeling very brainstormy over the past few days and have been thinking of what to do with this space. I want you, the very nice person reading this right now, to feel engaged and be interested, because I can't stop myself from writing. What do you want to read about? More tips on how to be greener? More features on eco-friendly topics? More personal posts, or posts about other non-environment things I love? More travel posts? More local posts? More cat photos (Lord knows I have enough of them)? I want to hear from y'all more often, so I want to write something you'd like to read!

Tomorrow I'll share some green new year's resolutions for you to consider adding to your list. And I'll help you figure out why you should keep your green new year's resolutions. But you're on your own for New Year's lunch.

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donny* said...

How about a post on the correlation between green living and sanity. Because if it makes you saner, I'll be the greenest person ever! ;-) ... Happy new year!!

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