A few weeks ago, I attended an event that I helped put on with work. It was an outdoor event with disposable trash cans and free bottled water. I knew there were extra trash cans, so I asked if we could make one of them a recycling bin, since I knew there'd be lots of water bottles. It was alright, so I took my (bad large) handwriting to the box to distinguish it.

Later, I found some markers and color coded the bins with green and brown.

Toward the end of the event, there were a few water bottles in the recycling bin, and many in the trash bins. Granted, the trash bins outnumbered the one recycling bin, but they weren't at a point where I couldn't end up consolidating everything to the recycling bin. So there I was, with help from my boyfriend, picking through all the trash bins to separate the recyclables out. And we promptly brought the collection to the recycling dump, to save delegating something to someone not as committed.

It felt good to be bringing a full trash bin worth of recyclables to the dump, especially after making it happen at a city-wide public event. I was also pleased to hear a few compliments during the day from people who noticed there was a special bin for recycling.

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