earth day festival

I missed it last year due to a freak eye infection, but this year I made sure I attended the Earth Day Festival at Vermilionville. It was this past Sunday and it was a nice little afternoon. I hadn't been to Vermilionville since, oh, the last time my class took a field trip there. Probably 4th or 5th grade.

Anyway, there were tables set up for different aspects of the green lifestyle throughout the village. I got a cloth bag, plenty of brochures, and talked to some great people. Finally, not talking to myself about being eco-friendly!

I've got some ideas about where I want to go next in my environmental quest and I'm ready to put them into action!

Until then, enjoy the 40th Earth Day and some photos from the festival this past weekend.

The lovely and brown Vermilion River.
Green Living section of the festival.

The sweet little ferry ride across the bayou. Completely eco-friendly, as it involves pulling yourself by rope to the other side.

Solar display. I'm fascinated.

Green living tables.

Where the sidewalk ends.


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