12 eco-friendly days of christmas

I saw a table at the bookstore labeled "eco-friendly gifts" while out shopping on Black Friday. I really didn't have a need for more Christmas cards, but if I did, these would have been them.
This is not the best photograph, but the table was out in the open and I try not to be taking pictures of merchandise when employees pass by.

So, now presenting, the 12 eco-friendly days of Christmas!

A Partridge in an Organically-Grown Pear Tree
Two Ecotours
Three Free-Range Hens
Four Recycling Bins
Five Gold Green Dwellings
Six Sustainable Forests Growing
Seven Fluorescent Bulbs a-Dimming
Eight Maids Goat-Milking
Nine Earth Mamas Dancing
Ten Compost Piles Steeping
Eleven Cyclists Cycling
Twelve Hybrids Humming

Now go have fun wrapping your gifts in newspaper and scrap cloth!

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