I had some shopping to do this past weekend, and since I vow never to step foot in Wal-Mart again, I made my way to Target. I mostly needed medicine and food, but I can never keep myself from walking around the entire store.

Halfway through my trip, I looked down in my cart and realized I had Method plant-based laundry detergent, LED Christmas lights (already planning for the tree!), solar-powered LED lights (for the patio) and organic cotton pillowcases (which I thought were bamboo until just now. Sorry cotton, but bamboo is way softer.)

So if I didn't know I was dedicated before, my shopping cart proved it. I also went on to buy organic green beans for the casserole I am making tomorrow night.

It's not easy finding all green products at a big box store, but Target is getting there slowly. I would've felt more successful if they'd had the casserole dish and medicine I needed, but I was still happy to get all my green items. I think the casserole dish situation worked out for the best since I got one for free from my parents. Keeping the circle of kitchenware life going and saving myself money (that I'll cough, spend in Houston this weekend.)
I've been using the Method detergent for about six months now and I think it's great. I can't vouch for how well the solar LED lights work, but I can't wait to try them out. The instructions said to point the panel south to get the maximum sunlight, which poses a problem here in my northwest-facing apartment. I don't think the sun hits my patio until around 3, leaving just a few hours of sunlight come winter.


donny* said...

i almost want to try method for the tag. 'squeaky green ...' so clever the treehuggers are. so, what kind of tree are these LED lights decorating?

Francis Bell said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha...I'm telling you, Method is good stuff.

And I will be getting a real tree if I can find a small one. Look for a future post comparing real and artificial trees. :)

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