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I found two interesting articles yesterday that I'll share this morning.

The US Department of Energy is holding a contest to create an LED alternative to a 60 watt lightbulb. Philips is the first company to be submitting an idea. The contest states that the lamp cannot use more than 10 watts, the light color must be like traditional bulbs today and the bulbs must last 25,000 hours. The New York Times has a longer write-up about it.

Houston is the oil capital of America, but with some new developments they may be heading toward being the renewable energy capital as well. A proposal is very close to being approved to allow NRG Energy to build a plant in the area and the city would purchase its solar power from it, providing about 1.5 percent of the city government's power needs. Houston is not terribly far from here, so it will be interesting to follow their rise to becoming a renewable energy hub, if everything works out. It could also be a part of Caitlin's future life!

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donny* said...

voting that you do this more often. a weekly link round up. sounds good to me. :)

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