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Some of the most annoying things women must buy are tampons (and other feminine items). They're a necessary evil for many reasons, but one large evil to take into consideration is how bad they are for the environment.

The components aren't safe for the environment, they use plastic and they aren't safe for us women. But what better options are there?

Seventh Generation has a great article about the damaging effects of tampons on the environment and also sells organic tampons. Their site has a store finder, but a search pulled up nothing within a ten mile radius of my zip code. Nevertheless, I will be on the lookout while I'm at health food stores. CVS' website also carries organic tampons, but they are listed as online only. 

This is honestly one green path I have yet to go down, so I can't say if organic tampons comparably do their job (or say if they're ridiculously more expensive than generic tampons), but after reading Seventh Generation's article, they are worth a shot. There has to be something that can do the job without putting toxic materials in girly places. It also makes me want to throw out the toxin-encased-in-plastic ones I have now. But that's still wasteful.

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